For many homeowners, the only thing that gets them through the sweltering heat of summer is knowing that their home will be comfortable thanks to a quality air conditioner. AC units that are serviced on a regular basis can provide years of reliable service without requiring extensive air conditioner repair spokane. As units age, however, the inevitable will happen: An AC unit will stop functioning. The most critical part of having a unit repaired is to find a quality contractor to conduct the repair work. Here are a few tips to make locating a quality HVAC technician as simple as possible.

New Installation Services

While most AC units can be successfully repaired, there comes a time when a unit reaches an age that warrants replacement. The company hired to conduct a repair should offer new installation services, so they can provide one-stop convenience for any HVAC needs a customer may have. Also, they should offer a variety of brands and models that meet the budget requirements of the most discerning clients.

Certified Technicians

Don’t allow anyone who isn’t certified to perform any maintenance or service on an HVAC unit. Doing so can void a factory warranty and lead to more serious problems in the future. Most homeowners are lured into thinking a cheaper repair bill is the best option, but all too soon realize that the repairman didn’t know what they were doing and created even more damage. Avoid this most common blunder and ensure the technician providing service has the knowledge to conduct ac repair spokane.


In-Stock Parts

It is frustrating when a technician arrives to repair an AC unit, but can’t complete the job because of a part that isn’t in stock. Waiting for a piece of equipment to be delivered can take weeks, and leave an entire family sweltering in the summer heat. Ask the company about their policy regarding replacement parts, and whether they carry a full inventory of items. This will ensure an AC unit is up and running quickly, and restore the comfort of a home.

Homeowners in the Spokane area have trusted Air Design Heating and Cooling for more than 20 years to keep their AC units operational. Call them today to schedule a repair appointment, or visit their website and request one online. Their team of certified technicians can have any AC unit back to cooling quickly, and for an affordable price.